The Fungus Among Us

Moss walls are the latest trend in interior design. The timeless appeal of the moss wall evoke simplicity and peacefulness with the subtle shades of green and grey. Although a trend now, the effects of moss walls have been appreciated for a long time.  The miniature landscape creates a space of solemn tranquility.

Used in the Past

Zen Buddhist monks of Japan cultivated moss on stones and walls a thousand years ago. Moss provokes a sensation of expansiveness, freedom from clutter and daily distraction. For them, moss was an element symbol of harmony, age, and tradition that facilitated meditation. Moss was used to help gain them to a path of enlightenment and served as a break from constant mental chatter and a quiet escape from busy practical concerns.

Uses Today

These practices are living on today. Cities are overcrowded and green spaces are tight. Implementing moss walls into homes and business are a great way to create a more tranquil space.  We are all drawn to the natural world.  In today’s chaotic digital life, maintaining a connection with nature is more important than ever. These moss wall are acting as more than just green walls. They are also a piece of art. Moss walls are sustainable and vibrantly colored additions to any indoor space.  The pieces are meant to mimic natural beauty of the outdoors. There is symbolism attached to moss. This art piece reminds us to live gracefully with change, strive for harmony with an infinite present.

In areas of high air pollution and artificial surfaces, integrating mosses and lichens can change an entire space. Lichens are very resilient, which makes them great for indoor living walls. Lichens thrive in places too harsh for other creatures.  Moss and lichens can lie dormant when conditions are poor.  By growing together in cozy carpets an inch high, mosses rely on each other to stay upright and moist. They fertilize and stabilize the soil, reduce flooding, and provide shade and shelter for insects and animals.

So, forget all your worries and the rush of your life. Put up a moss wall to invite a slow down in your life. The rainbow of green and browns will spill down a wall transforming any space.  The gentle rolling hills of this tiny ancient landscape melt away your busy concerns. Breathe deeply.