Irrigating Hanging Planters

So obviously the grass needs irrigated in your design, but did you think about the baskets? WC3 Design did; we will design a drip-line irrigation system for any hanging baskets and planters!

DSC_0369.wc3.smallRequiring grounds workers to drag around a hose and water each basket and planter individually is tedious, ineffective and wasteful. Instead, have WC3 Design create an irrigation design that allows you to set a timer and essentially forget about it! This saves the crew time, which means less money out of the owners pocket for maintenance.

There are so many benefits to adding irrigation to baskets and planters: less weeds, less maintenance, and saves up to 70% water. When you water directly at the roots ¬†of the plant you aren’t losing water from: ¬†missing the target, runoff, keeping the hose on when walking or over watering.

These are the basics on how to install:

  1. Use a perm lock elbow, attach to a vertical hose on both sides
  2. Attach hose to structure that is being used to hang your pots
  3. Horizontal 1/4″ tubing will be long enough to reach all of the hanging baskets then use an end lock tube cap to seal the end off
  4. Use staples to hold all tubes in place, install a dripper to each hanging basket with a ridged riser and an adjustable dripper

So, for your next project, be sure to contact WC3 Design for ANY of your irrigation needs.