Angie Fowler Healing Garden

Cleveland, OH

The Target

The aim of the project was to create a hidden and effective irrigation design to operate on a rooftop.


Healthcare facilities are making use of specialized environments to aid the healing, comfort, and wellbeing of their patients and their families. Commonly called “healing gardens.”

Humans are tied to nature. It has been shown many times that being in the presence of plants and animals causes several beneficial emotional and physiological results. Fortunately, gardens such as this one in Cleveland, Ohio at the Angie Fowler Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Center, can be established in small spaces even in congested metro areas.

WC3 created a smart irrigation design for this project, incorporating the RainBird ESPme and a WR2RC; both being water conservation tools. Click the following to read more about the systems they incorporated to help this facility save water.

RB Weather Sensor

Architects Stanley Beaman and Sears of Atlanta lead the design team. Cleveland area Landscape Architects, Visionscape and California based Tournesol Siteworks , asked WC3 Design to design the irrigation system necessary to support the gardens and green walls. The results earned an often stated word, “stunning.”