Franklin Park Conservatory

The Target

WC3 and Terra worked closely with the FPC staff to create a durable yet efficient irrigation system that will hopefully provide years of service with a minimum of maintenance.

WC3 Design was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Terra Design Studios of Pittsburgh, PA and the Franklin Park Conservatory on the new Children’s Garden at the botanical garden in Columbus, OH. Although FPC had some existing irrigation on site, the new 2-acre Children’s Garden – with its various unique themed mini-gardens, play areas, lush plantings, and rolling topography – presented an entirely new level of complexity. The pressure-regulating sprinklers and point-source drippers will apply a base level of irrigation while numerous quick couplers around the site will allow the garden maintenance team to spot water as needed, freeing up their valuable time while giving them the hands-on ability they desired. The new system also features remote access from any smart phone as well as an on-site weather station which can automatically adjust the irrigation based on actual site conditions. Though this new technology is daunting at first, the FPC team is quickly seeing the benefit of smart irrigation on the property. Based on the large crowds enjoying the colorful new space, many Columbus families are enjoying it as well.