Ohio Statehouse

Columbus, Ohio

The Target

The aim of the project was to create a more efficient irrigation system to meet the updated landscaping design.


The Ohio Statehouse grounds underwent a major renovation in the mid-1990s.  As is typical, landscapes change over the years and so the grounds team found their irrigation system didn’t match up with their current landscape layout. It was time for an irrigation system renovation.

Grounds Manager, Tamara Ansel, took on the renovation project. No easy task for the 10 acre site located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio. We helped by first analyzing the existing irrigation system.

Our inspection produced pages of notes. Most zones required rework to handle the landscape need. Additionally, we found areas experiencing run-off or just plain wasted water.

A design was then created satisfying the wants and wishes of the grounds team.
Having an effective irrigation system with water conserving features was a serious desire Tamara expressed. Fortunately, the existing irrigation system (which we designed) allowed for renovation simply by moving sprinklers, changing the type of sprinklers used, and reworking some zone piping.

Hutson Irrigation, a local irrigation contractor, worked closely with Tamara and us, to assure the project met the client’s desired outcome. The system now handles the landscape irrigation need and helps the grounds team reduce water usage.

The Ohio Statehouse grounds were recently voted the most beautiful of all the 50 states.