Toledo Zoo and Aquarium

Toledo, OH

The Target

The aim of the project was to create a water efficient irrigation system using rainwater harvesting.


WC3 Design worked with EDGE Group to design an irrigation system for the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium. This project features a large rainwater harvesting tank in which the irrigation system will use to run. This system was designed to harvest rainwater from the adjacent rooftops then be prefiltered to remove large particles in the water before entering the tank. A pump station moves the water from the tank into the building where it travels through a 25 micron then 5 mircon filter. Water is then passed through UV filtration to further clean the water prior to introducing it to the greenhouse. In the main museum greenhouse, the water supplies rain system irrigation for the outdoor landscape in the Natures Neighborhood area and for another greenhouse in the museum. The system is planned to be run year-round and has a potable water backup for times of low precipitation or increased need.